Mica: de MiCRONOS cloud academy

Have you heard about MiCA?

MiCA is the MiCRONOS Cloud Academy we use to skill or upskill our coworkers and those of our clients. Since their start in January, MiCRONOS onboarded 80+ students in more than 9 Essential or Expert tracks.



That’s why we want to focus on ‘Why MiCA?’ to highlight the initial incentive to kickstart their own Cloud Academy. Because MiCA is founded on three core ideas:


The ongoing digital shift has affected different industries with growing pace. One of those innovations is undoubtedly the entire Cloud movement. More and more companies are transferring their business into the Cloud which entails a lot of change on a technological, cultural and operational level. The speed this evolution occurs will only increase.

Skills gap

Because of these fast paced changes the demand for IT-specialists has already exceeded its current offer. The continuous development of new technologies means a growing need for new and dedicated competences. Additionally, it’s impossible for an IT-expert to be skilled in ‘every’ domain, making it even more important to educate experts in a certain domain.

Sharing knowledge

That’s where MiCRONOS wants to contribute, making use of its entire ecosystem and inherent knowledge. As a leading Microsoft partner they have the ambition to skill and upskill our employees and customers. Sharing knowledge and expertise is in their DNA.

MiCA helps you skill, upskill or reskill your team to bring the Cloud into daily practice and make your business more resistent to these digital changes. Check out the Cloud Academy and its unique approach and fully embrace the Microsoft Cloud Technology.